Hidden-camera videos recently captured glimpses of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing fetal tissue donations, and the attendant costs. That such donations could even be discussed in a financial context was deemed shocking, even though tissue donations of all kinds involve costs—and mechanisms to cover those costs. Perhaps the real source of turmoil is not the realization that accounting mechanisms support the exchange of fetal tissues. Instead, it may be that fetal tissue donations tend to arouse strong feelings, no matter how they are sourced, and no matter who, ultimately, uses them.

Poll Question:
Does your academic or industry lab use fetal tissue in its research?

Yes, my academic lab does use fetal tissue.

No, my academic lab does not use fetal tissue.

I am unsure of my academic lab’s fetal-tissue policy.

Yes, my industry lab does use fetal tissue.

No, my industry lab does not use fetal tissue.

I am unsure of my industry lab’s fetal-tissue policy

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