Firm will use the genetic variant of NQO1 enzyme to develop tests.

 The DNA Repair Company (DNAR) has obtained exclusive rights in North America Helsinki University Central Hospital’s discovery that aids in breast cancer prognosis. The license was gained through Licentia.

The discovery reportedly helps determine those breast cancer patients who should be given an alternative to anthracycline-containing chemotherapy regimens.

Helsinki’s University found that patients with NQO1*2 had worse survival chances when treated with an anthracycline-based chemotherapy than with an alternative therapy. Women who had a double copy of NQO1*2 in their genome had only a 17% survival rate while those who had only a single copy had a survival rate of 75%, the researchers report. Women with NQO1*2 variant who were treated with a non-anthracycline containing regimen were less likely to suffer an adverse outcome.

DNAR will utilize the genetic variant of the NQO1 enzyme, called NQO1*2, to develop diagnostic tests. The NQO1 enzyme has previously been shown to guard cells against oxidative stress.

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