Newly developed lines will be passed back to Horizon for licensing.

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) forged an open-source relationship with Horizon Discovery that will allow it to exploit the company’s Genesis™ gene-engineering platform and X-Man™ isogenic cell lines.

Under terms of the deal, TGen will use Horizon’s technology to develop a panel of novel cancer cell lines that will be licensed back to the company. Horizon will then be able to use the cell lines in future licensing deals with academic, biotech, and pharma organizations.

“Our over-arching mission is to speed up the research, development, and prescription of more rational therapies that target the root causes of cancer development in each patient’s tumor,” comments Chris Torrance, Ph.D., Horizon’s CEO. “TGen investigators are visionaries in this respect, and we are honored to enable them with Horizon’s Genesis technology to generate a novel pipeline of X-MAN cancer models to support cutting-edge translational oncology research.”

Horizon says that the deal will allow TGen to create a key center of excellence for generating and applying predictive human disease models in drug discovery. The company also hopes to establish similar relationships with other centers of excellence for translational research.

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