Biodegradable transfection reagents will be available through e-commerce site.

Techulon has joined the KeraFAST Partner Program (KFP), adding its Glycofect™ transfection reagent to KeraFAST’s portfolio of research products for the cell biologist. This polymeric transfection reagent is reportedly designed to be particularly effective in primary cells of therapeutic interest.

Through its KFP, KeraFAST works with companies to offer their research products and services through the convenience of the KeraFAST e-commerce site. “Through KeraFAST our customers will now be able to conveniently purchase Glycofect on a single purchase order with their other laboratory needs,” says Frank Akers, president of Techulon.

“Having KeraFAST as a channel partner allows us to focus on the continued expansion of our reagent-delivery platform to support DNA, RNA, and oligo-based cell research and therapeutics.”

Bob Bondaryk, Ph.D., COO at KeraFAST, reports, “Techulon’s novel and proprietary Glycofect biodegradable transfection reagent is a remarkable new DNA carrier that elicits low cytotoxic response coupled with high delivery efficiency and transgene expression. Because of these features, Glycofect has proven to be a superior reagent especially for primary cell transfection as compared to other lipid- and polycation-based products.”

Glycofect is being used worldwide by governments, universities, and corporate laboratories for advanced research in cell biology and for the development of new cell-based therapeutics, Techulon points out.

KeraFAST, a division of KeraNetics, is a life science research product company. BioStorage Labs, which offers laboratory services in conjunction with the repository services, is also part of KFP.

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