Focus will be on Phase II TMC207 for multidrug-resistant TB.

The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development is partnering with Tibotec to accelerate development of its Phase II candidate. The organizations will also work together to discover new drug compounds.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tibotec will continue to develop TMC207 for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and costs will be shared. If approved, the firm will establish an access program to ensure the treatment reaches those in developing countries who are in need. The deal also grants the TB Alliance a royalty-free license for the worldwide development and access to TMC207 in the field of drug-susceptible TB.

Additionally, Tibotec will collaborate with the TB Alliance on a discovery research program to identify new compounds for the treatment of TB. Rights for any newly discovered compound will belong to the TB Alliance under a royalty-free arrangement.

Interim data from the ongoing Phase II study of TMC207 found that 48% of patients receiving TMC207 in combination with standard treatment converted to negative sputum culture after eight weeks compared to 9% of those who received placebo and standard treatment. The drug targets adenosine triphosphate synthase, which Mycobacterium tuberculosis requires to generate its energy supply.

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