NuPathe has obtained rights to use SurModics’ biodegradable implant technology.

NuPathe has licensed SurModics’ biodegradable polymer matrix implant technology for use with a preclinical drug candidate for Parkinson’s, jointly developed by the firms. The companies’ collaboration, which began in 2007 for the development of a dopamine agonist, resulted in NP201.

Under the licensing agreement, NuPathe will lead and fund further development and commercialization. SurModics will provide technical and manufacturing expertise and is eligible to receive licensing fees and milestone payments related to NP201 and other products. SurModics will also earn royalties on sales.

SurModics is nearing completion of a facility expansion at its site in Birmingham, AL. The firm anticipates the use of this facility for the production of clinical and commercial materials under its deal with NuPathe.

NP201 was designed with NuPathe’s long-acting delivery (LAD™) technology and SurModics’ biodegradable technology to achieve optimal drug release over an extended period of time. “The use of SurModics’ biodegradable implant technology is an ideal match in this clinical area, as maintaining desired drug levels are critical for achieving the optimal clinical outcome,” according to Bruce Barclay, president and CEO of SurModics.

Jane Hollingsworth, CEO of NuPathe, comments, “We evaluated a number of potential partners for technical experience and selected the SurModics team based on their depth of capabilities. SurModics’ technical knowledge coupled with their investments in a new cGMP manufacturing facility were important factors in our decision to execute the license agreement.”

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