Sorenson Genomics ( acquired Identigene (, which will will retain its name and remain in its Houston facilities. “Sorenson Genomics and Identigene are both nationally recognized DNA laboratories,” says Douglas Fogg, COO of Sorenson Genomics. “By merging our two companies, both the forensics and the relatedness DNA testing industries will benefit from the combined expertise in services and laboratory processes.” Identigene primarily serves two DNA-testing market segments. The first is forensics, which is mostly criminal casework for public crime laboratories, law enforcement agencies, and defense attorneys. The second is relatedness testing, which involves assessing paternity and other immediate family relationships. Sorenson Genomics currently serves those two markets as well as the genetic genealogy and ancestry markets, through its Relative Genetics product line. Sorenson Genomics is a DNA testing laboratory certified to ISO 17025 and accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. Through its three divisions—Relative Genetics, GeneTree, and Sorenson Forensics—Sorenson Genomics provides DNA testing services, including human identity and relatedness testing, DNA extraction and purification, forensics DNA testing, DNA sequencing and genotyping, ancestral and population assessment, and custom test development. Fogg notes that both Identigene and Sorenson Forensics will employ Sorenson Genomics’ Collaborative Forensics™ procedures.

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