Companies decide to pursue antipsychotic targets after previous successful partnership led to NDA for schizophrenia drug.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals and  and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals are expanding their existing neuroscience co-development and co-commercialization agreement to include research in neuroscience.

The neuroscience co-development and co-commercialization partnership  announced in April 2004 between Solvay and Wyeth resulted in an NDA for bifeprunox for the treatment of patients with schizophrenia. Meanwhile development continues on two other early-phase neuroscience projects, SLV313 and SLV314, which were part of that agreement.

Under the new agreement announced today, the parties will collaborate in a joint discovery effort targeting the identification of small molecules with the potential to be used as antipsychotic medications. Any compounds discovered will be co-owned and co-patented by Solvay and Wyeth and could be selected for co-development and co-commercialization by the companies.

The companies will initially contribute several molecules each and thereafter will dedicate equal resources to the research efforts. There are no signing fees or milestone payments associated with this agreement.

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