Focus will be on vaccines for common diseases, therapeutics for parasitic diseases, and microorganism products.

Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical reported the opening of an R&D center in Shanghai registered as Shanghai Siqiang Biotechnology.

The new 200-square-meter center utilizes equipment such as liquid chromatography and infrared dissolution. Lingmei Jin, will be one of six key researchers.

“Our new R&D Center further strengthens our capabilities with experienced and distinguished professionals in each of our three key product areas,” remarks Skystar’s CEO, Weibing Lu. “We look forward to working with Ms. Jin and the rest of our new research team to develop vaccines for common diseases among humans and animals, medicines for parasitic diseases, and microorganism products that include probiotics and antibiotics.

“By locating our R&D center in Shanghai, the economic center of China,” Lu adds, “we believe the facility will attract high-level talent from all over the country and serve as a base to cultivate future talent.”

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