The Beijing Public Health Bureau plans to provide 2.8 million free inoculations.

The Beijing Public Health Bureau has selected Sinovac Biotech as one of the four manufacturers to supply Anflu®, Sinovac’s seasonal influenza vaccine, to Beijing. 

Under the Bureau’s plan, 2.8 million Beijing citizens will be inoculated with the influenza vaccine at no charge. Beijing’s goal is to prevent and control infections from both the seasonal flu virus and the H1N1 virus.

Citizens receiving free vaccinations will primarily include people over the age of 60 as well as elementary and secondary school students. Previously, school students were inoculated with the influenza vaccine at a charge of 20 RMB ($2.93) per person with allowances from the Bureau.

Developed and manufactured by Sinovac, Anflu is a split influenza vaccine produced in China without preservatives. Over the past two years the company has expanded its manufacturing capacity for seasonal influenza vaccine to five million doses per year. The same production line can produce 20 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine, the company reports.

Sinovac recently reported top-line preliminary results of clinical trials with Anflu showing a good safety profile and that immunogenicity met European regulatory requirements.  Sinovac also produces hepatitis A and B vaccines, and its pipline includes vaccines for Japanese encephalitis and SARS. In addition, Panflu™, Sinovac’s pandemic influenza vaccine (H5N1), has been approved for government stockpiling.    

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