MorphoSys’ HuCAL GOLD® technology will be used to generate antibodies against novel targets provided by Sigma-Aldrich, which will tackle final distribution.

Sigma-Aldrich and MorphoSys are collaborating to provide research antibodies for specific targets based on MorphoSys’ platform through Sigma-Aldrich’s distribution capabilities.

MorphoSys’ AbD Serotec unit will develop and qualify unique antibodies from the HuCAL GOLD library against targets that Sigma-Aldrich will identify and supply. Sigma-Aldrich will offer these recombinant antibodies for research applications through its online sales platforms Antibody Explorer™ and Your Favorite Gene Search™.

HuCAL GOLD is a phage-display library developed for the in vitro generation of specific and fully human antibodies. The diversity of the library guarantees fast and successful generation of high-quality antibodies to targets that have previously been difficult to probe with standard antibody-generation technologies, according to MorphoSys.

“HuCAL-based recombinant antibody technology will allow researchers access to antibody content not available through standard antibody-generation technologies,” notes David Smoller, Ph.D., president of Sigma-Aldrich’s Research Biotech business unit. “In conjunction with Sigma-Aldrich’s standard content-generation capabilities, this powerful technology is expected to allow the community to reach its goal of a binder for every gene, and one-day, even every protein in the human body.”

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