VGXI will provide the plasmid portion of this preclinical melanoma candidate, and Polyplus’ delivery technology will be used.

Senesco Technologies entered to separate agreements related to its combination therapy consisting of the Factor 5A gene and siRNA against Factor 5A. The drug is in the preclinical development against myeloma.

The company has contracted VGXI to supply the plasmid portion of the treatemt. Senesco also inked a deal with Polyplus-transfection to supply Polyplus’ in vivo-jetPEI for systemic delivery of this combination treatment.

“This supply agreement will help Senesco move toward the necessary preclinical toxicology study and ultimately the planned clinical trial targeting multiple myeloma,” says Bruce Galton, Senesco’s president and CEO.

Senesco previously reported positive in vivo results using this combination siRNA and plasmid against subcutaneous multiple myeloma tumors in immunodeficient mice. The Factor 5A plasmid being produced by VGXI, as Senesco’s preclinical data has shown, should cause cancer cells to enter apoptosis, according to Senesco.

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