Canadian firm pursues new strategy in personal care.

SemBioSys Genetics reports the conclusion of its relationship with Lonza for the manufacture and sale of its DermaSphere® Oleosome Technology. SemBioSys says it will continue to manufacture and supply DermaSphere to the personal-care market to address the demand for the technology and the first-generation oleosome product, Natrulon®-OSF, launched by Lonza in 2004.

SemBioSys and Lonza jointly agreed, through a Letter of Intent, that concluding their License Agreement was in the best interest of the customers currently using DermaSphere in their formulations and for the long-term success of the product in the personal-care market. While the natural and multifunctional properties of DermaSphere met with positive initial market response, notes Andrew Baum, president and CEO of SemBioSys, a readjustment in Lonza’s strategic priorities and delays from the contract manufacturer in scaling up production to meet increasing demand led to a de-emphasis of the product in Lonza’s portfolio.

“We are encouraged by the positive initial market response and prospects for early adoption by leading personal-care companies. We believe that the re-acquisition of the DermaSphere rights will allow us to better service the needs of the personal care market and enable SemBioSys to maximize the value of the product,” continues Baum.

SemBioSys and Lonza have made arrangements to ensure a seamless transition to existing customers on product supply, he adds. SemBioSys re-acquired the rights to the technology from Lonza for a one-time payment. With the re-acquisition of the royalty-free rights to DermaSphere, officials at SemBioSys say the company is free to pursue strategic partnerships to create and commercialize a broad portfolio of DermaSphere-based products and co-products in global personal-care markets.

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