New services segment builds on fragment-based screening platform.

Selcia established a new discovery services division following its acquisition of the IP and expertise related to CE Screen. The new division will offer fragment-based screening capabilities on the CE Screen platform, which Selcia says it has adapted to detect even weak binding interactions between fragments and a therapeutic target.

Clive Cornell, Ph.D., divisional head of discovery, says that the fragment-based platform “has been proven to provide one of, if not the best screening techniques available today, providing unprecedented reliable and accurate data. Our patented technology requires only very small quantities of target protein and test compounds, is highly reproducible, and gives a very low frequency of false positives.”

In parallel with the launch of its new Selcia Discovery division, Selcia also announced undertaking a major rebranding exercise, to consolidate the position of its Selcia Radiolabelling business, a provider of C-14 radiosynthesis services. Frans Fliri, Ph.D., Selcia managing director, notes that over the last five years the company has nearly trebled its radiochemistry capacity and recently finished its expansion into a new 2,500 square meter facility at its U.K. headquarters.

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