Scorpion Biological Services changed its name to Scorpius BioManufacturing to reflect its recently expanded manufacturing capabilities and the opening of its new bioprocessing facility in San Antonio in October.

“With the opening of our facility, we wanted a name that better defines our focus and full-service offering,” says David Halverson, president of the company. “Scorpius provides a full spectrum of CRO and CDMO services. This evolution highlights our ability to take our clients’ biologic innovations through the clinic to commercialization.”

The new facility offers GCP, GLP and GMP biomanufacturing capabilities in both mammalian and microbial modalities. Suites and equipment trains are flexible, notes Halverson, with bioreactor sizes ranging from 50 L up to 2,000 L, and equipment installed across the facility to produce material for clients. Scorpius offers the capability to manufacture a wide range of products, including cell therapy, recombinant proteins from mammalian or microbial systems, and DNA vectors, adds Halverson.

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