Raumedic will produce and supply single-use tubing to SSB.

Raumedic is teaming up with Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) to develop fluid-handling systems and market single-use tubing that it will produce for SSB on a long-term basis. The partnership combines SSB’s design, manufacturing, and validation expertise in integrated, single-use systems with Raumedic’s experience in material development, compounding of raw materials, and extrusion technologies for polymer and elastomer tubing for medical and biopharmaceutical use.

SSB—whose TuFlux product line will reportedly be launched soon—will supply its customers with polymer and silicone tubing on single-use assemblies as well as stand-alone tubing coils along with comprehensive validation packages. Under its global partnership with Raumedic, SSB’s products will be backed by Raumedic’s support and assistance to develop customized solutions as well as provide stronger validation and technical support and process improvements.

“For our customers of the biopharmaceutical industry, this partnership will yield a powerful combination of single-use bags, filters, connectors, sensors, and tubing systems and services,” states Jean-Marc Cappia, SSB’s vp of fluid-management technologies. “Our long-term expertise in characterizing extractables in filters and bags will benefit our tubing technology and hence we will be offering more comprehensive validation packages for our single-use solutions.”

Single-use products, especially filters, which had a 43% jump in sales in Asia, helped propel SSB to a nearly 29% year-over-year increase in first-quarter net profits after minority interest and excluding amortization. The company last month said it finished Q1 with a net profit of €11.5 million (about $16.4 million), up from €9 million (roughly $12.8 million).

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