Uvivatec, which uses UVC irradiation, will be commercialized as disposable components, laboratory bench units, and process systems.

Sartorius Stedim signed an exclusive cooperation agreement on the manufacture and worldwide marketing of Bayer Technology Services’ (BTS) UVivatec® products. The technology is scalable and will be marketed as single-use modules, laboratory bench units, and process systems.

Additionally, Sartorius Stedim Biotech will soon be offering non-GLP virus studies. In collaboration with BTS, the firms will  also provide process development and engineering services.

BTS will work with Sartorius Stedim Biotech on the further advancement of this technology. Other areas of application, such as removal of mycoplasma from bioreactor media, are currently being assessed.

UVivatec technology inactivates viruses by UVC irradiation, which can be used for virus inactivation of cell culture media, antibody solutions, and solutions containing recombinant proteins as well as irradiation of vaccines and therapeutics produced from blood and plasma.

In close collaboration with this cooperation agreement, Sartorius Stedim signed a purchase contract with the Belgian Red Cross on patents to use UVC technology for blood fractionation and manufacture of biotech products.

During early clinical phases, the regulatory authorities for pharmaceuticals mandated the manufacturers to provide at least two complementary technologies for virus clearance, according to the companies. Currently, Sartorius Stedim has three combinable methods : The Sartorius Virosart CPV® product removes viruses by nanofiltration, Sartobind® accomplishes this by adsorption of viruses, and UVivatec.

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