Swedish firm SARomics Biostructures is teaming up with ETH Zürich spinoff inSili.com in a joint research alliance that aims to find novel bioactive agents against therapeutic drug targets.This partnership, the firms say, is particularly aimed at identifying new lead- and drug-like molecular entities and obtaining structures of macromolecular receptor-ligand complexes.

SARomics will be using its MAX IV Laboratory synchrotron in Lund, Sweden, for its research, and inSili.com is bringing to the table its inSiliCode™ molecular design technology, a de novo approach the spin-off says can deliver “leads on demand” by generating new molecular entities with multi-target activity profiles or designer selectivity. SARomics and inSili.com believe the partnership will produce a hit and lead discovery approach unlike any other, enabling the discovery of orthosteric as well as allosteric effector molecules for small molecule therapeutic discovery.

“I am convinced that we have a perfect match of competences and experiences that will enable us to move forward toward discovering innovative lead compounds and the underlying macromolecular complexes for important therapeutic targets,” inSili.com CEO Dr. Petra Schneider said in a statement. 

inSili.com, which was founded in 2013, is not the first ETH Zürich spinoff SARomics has worked with this year: Back in February, the Swedish company partnered with BioVersys to tackle antimicrobial resistance as part of an international project supported by the Eurostars initiative.

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