Sanofi and Transgene began building a manufacturing platform dedicated to the production of viral vectors, such as Transgene’s MUC1 targeted cancer immunotherapy, TG4010. Last March the companies entered into a long-term collaboration agreement to build the unit, which is to be constructed on the Genzyme Polyclonals site in Lyon.

“We are very pleased to partner with Transgene, an innovative French biopharmaceutical company developing new drugs, which might be a breakthrough in the treatment of life-threatening diseases,” said Philippe Luscan, Sanofi’s executive vp of industrial affairs at Sanofi. “This industrial platform will be dedicated to production of viral vectors through a broad range of technologies including mammalian cell culture up to 1 m3 using single-use bioreactors, combining the excellence of Genzyme, Sanofi-pasteur, and Transgene.”

“Sanofi is an ideal partner with extensive experience in effectively managing large production projects and manufacturing novel therapies in commercial quantities,” added Philippe Archinard, chairman and CEO of Transgene.

The companies together will invest approximately €10 million (around $13.66 million) in the production unit over an expected two-year timeframe, of which Transgene’s share will be approximately €5 million (approximately $6.83 million).

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