Genes will be used to advance firm’s diagnostic and therapeutic development program.

Rosetta Genomics signed a licensing agreement with Rockefeller University for the therapeutic application of proprietary miRNA genes. The addition of these viral and human miRNAs gives it access to over 500 miRNA drug targets, according to the company.

“Rosetta Genomics intends to continue to expand what we believe to be the dominant intellectual property estate related to microRNA genes for diagnostic and therapeutic uses,” says Amir Avniel, president and CEO. “Our strategy is to supplement our in-house IP efforts through licensing agreements with key academic centers such as Rockefeller University. The proprietary human and viral microRNAs brought to us through this important relationship will provide us access to even more potential drug targets.”

Rosetta Genomics reports that its lead therapeutic development program for hepatocellular carcinoma, being conducted in collaboration with Isis Pharmaceuticals, has so far identified four miRNAs that, when inhibited in vitro, lead to a decrease in liver cancer cell proliferation.

“We are encouraged with the preliminary in vitro results in our liver cancer program and see the addition of these microRNAs as essential to the development of a robust and broad therapeutic pipeline.”

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