Roche NimbleGen’s ChIP-chip high-density microarrays will be offered with Sigma-Aldrich’s GenomePlex.

Roche NimbleGen is aligning its ChIP-chip high-density microarrays with Sigma-Aldrich’s GenomePlex. The companies will co-market these complementary technologies.

To facilitate the ChIP-chip workflow, Roche NimbleGen and Sigma-Aldrich will publish protocols for such research and provide technical support to investigators integrating the two technologies.

The technologies from Sigma-Aldrich and Roche NimbleGen reportedly facilitate effective ChIP-chip research by addressing two critical bottlenecks in the workflow: efficient amplification of targeted sections of DNA and high-resolution microarray detection. GenomePlex can amplify targeted DNA fragments that are smaller than 200 bp in an efficient and unbiased manner, according to Sigma-Aldrich. The amplified genome can then be analyzed on Roche NimbleGen’s high-density (up to 2.1 million probes per array), long oligonucleotide,ChIP-chip arrays.

Together, the platforms enable researchers to study the entire genome for epigenetic interactions between DNA and DNA-binding proteins to determine regions of the genome that are transcriptionally active or repressed and the mechanisms that regulate these processes.

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