Roche and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research said they will collaborate on the development of novel technologies for targeted epigenomic analysis using DNA sequencing. Under the terms of the two-year discovery agreement, the Garvan Institute and Roche will focus on new methods for accurately analyzing regions of the epigenome. The collaboration brings together the genomics expertise and infrastructure at the Garvan Institute and products for target enrichment from Roche NimbleGen, part of the Roche Sequencing Unit. The SeqCap Target Enrichment System from Roche will be used by scientists at the Garvan Institute to further their research in epigenetic influences on human diseases.

“This is an excellent example of collaboration between a leading edge company and research institute in the development of advanced technology for genetic analysis, which will empower more research into human biology and disease, and lead to many translational opportunities,” noted John Mattick, Ph.D., executive director of the Garvan Institute.

“In addition to our recent investments in sequencing platform technologies, our research team is working closely with key opinion leaders to advance sequencing applications of current and future technologies,” added Tom Albert, head of research at Roche's Sequencing Unit. “This collaboration with the Garvan Institute illustrates the potential of SeqCap Target Enrichment products in additional sequencing applications for epigenetic research. This brings us closer to delivering sequencing applications to the clinic that offer truly differentiated medical value.”

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