Rheonix CARD™ system allows users to automate new or existing assays using single or multiple raw clinical samples.

Rheonix completed a $12.6 million Series A financing to continue development of the Rheonix CARD™ (chemistry and reagent device) system. This analytic platform vertically integrates all the functions of traditional molecular diagnostic instrumentation into a single system to achieve raw sample preparation, molecular amplification, and multiplex analysis.

The Rheonix CARD system provides a modular solution for rapid product development, allowing end users to automate new or existing assays using single or multiple raw clinical samples, the firm points out. Disposable Rheonix CARD technology can be customized for immunoassay, pathogen identification, gene sequence detection, cell-based assays, and other molecular diagnostic applications.

“The Rheonix CARD system provides a simple solution for partners who seek to incorporate complex, high-throughput molecular diagnostics into their routine research and development efforts,” says Tony Eisenhut, president and CEO of Rheonix. “With this funding, we will focus on scaling the Rheonix CARD system to demonstrate the full commercial potential of our platform.”

Peng Zhou, Ph.D., CSO, adds, “Our Rheonix CARD technology is part of a flexible system that can be customized for a broad range of assays. Through collaborations with the NIH and leading academic institutions, Rheonix has developed and begun to validate streamlined tests for infectious disease diagnosis and warfarin genotyping, demonstrating the rapid, high-quality raw clinical sample analysis made possible by Rheonix’ unique approach to microfluidic technology.”

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