Raven will hold rights to antibodies generated with its immunization platform against BTI’s stem cells for use in cancer therapeutic and diagnostic development.

Raven biotechnologies and the Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI) agreed to work together to advance the discovery of cancer stem-cell antibodies.

Raven will license its whole-cell immunization technology for use with BTI’s stem cells. Raven will screen the resulting antibodies against its collection of cancer lines including its cancer stem-cell lines.

Raven will own rights to antibodies BTI generates through this partnership for use in cancer therapeutics and diagnostics. BTI will retain rights to antibodies for all other indications.

“Both BTI and Raven have much to gain from this strategic alliance,” says Miranda Yap, Ph.D., executive director of BTI. “It will help strengthen our respective fields of research and advance science to better human healthcare. Generation of these novel antibodies to stem cells with Raven’s proprietary technology will enable the development of tools for the characterization of stem cells, and importantly, these antibodies will also be valuable for the separation of stem-cell populations for BTI’s cell-therapy work.”

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