As yet unnamed company formed to accomplish this goal will commence operations in 2010.

Quantum Immunologics (QI) entered into an agreement with Auburn University to bring its cancer immunotherapy to the veterinary market. An independently funded and jointly owned company will be formed to accomplish this goal.

QI will provide corporate and administrative management of the new company as well as license its oncofetal antigen-based therapy to serve as the collaboration’s underlying technology. The partnership will draw upon Auburn’s companion animal oncology expertise along with its animal clinical trial experience.

“This collaboration provides a best-of-both-worlds approach,” according to QI’s CEO Chuck Broes. “We have a tremendous respect for Auburn’s renowned veterinary institution and believe that this collaboration provides a natural synergy, allowing both parties to maximize one another’s core competencies. We also believe that this initiative will allow QI to capitalize upon the significant veterinary market.” QI anticipates that the new company will begin operations in mid-2010.

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