Agreement will advance Quanterix’ life science and in vitro diagnostic applications.

Quanterix and Sony DADC Austria have agreed to work together to develop and manufacture consumables based on the latter’s optical disc formats for use in the life science and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) markets. The manufacturing company reportedly uses high-precision and high-volume manufacturing processes, which were pioneered for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc.

Quanterix is developing diagnostics based on its single molecule array (SiMoA™) technology. SiMoA is expected to enable researchers in life science to validate novel, low-abundance biomarkers from a single droplet of blood. The firm plans to develop and manufacture a fully automated instrument for its SiMoA technology, which will utilize Sony’s technology to support a menu of diagnostic tests. Quanterix expects to launch the life science instrument and consumables in 2013, followed by an IVD platform to be commercialized in 2014.

“We selected Sony DADC as our consumables partner because they are the clear world leader in the micro structuring and manufacturing of high-volume optical products,” comments Martin Madaus, Ph.D., Quanterix executive chairman. “Sony DADC’s proven optical disc technology provides Quanterix with a consumable that meets the requirements of high-sensitivity diagnostic testing both today and into the future.”

Harald Kraushaar, Ph.D., vp business development biosciences at Sony DADC, adds, “Sony DADC’s ISO13485 environment, design for manufacturing competence, polymer manufacturing, and industrial scale production capabilities are well aligned with Quanterix’ requirements to economically supply these optical array consumables at the highest quality for their markets.”

In November 2010, Sony DADC Austria was signed on by Caliper Life Sciences to develop and manufacture plastic consumables for Caliper’s microfluidics products based on its Blu-ray Disc manufacturing technology and manufacturing capacity.

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