Firms will generate and validate plasmids that serve as carriers for optimized synthetic genes mapping the entire human genome.

Qiagen and Geneart are in collaboration to develop, produce, and commercialize QIAgene, plasmids that map the entire human genome. These plasmids will serve as carriers for modified synthetic genes provided by Geneart and are designed for the enhanced production of all 35,000 currently identified human proteins.

The collaboration between Qiagen and Geneart was initiated with a joint R&D project for which Geneart provided plasmid and gene synthesis technologies and Qiagen supplied automated sample technologies to purify the expressed proteins.

QIAgenes will be available starting May 19, 2008, through Qiagen’s web portal GeneGlobe. As part of the collaboration, additional variants of the synthetic genes, which are currently designed for E. coli bacteria only, are subject to future development.

“The collaboration with Geneart will further advance protein analysis and adds significant new capabilities to and links between Qiagen’s assay and proteomics portfolios,” says Kai te Kaat, global business director protein for Qiagen.

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