Company will tap the CMM’s clinical samples and bioinformatics software and database.

The Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) and Qiagen are collaborating to discover molecular biomarkers to help with diagnosing breast cancer and other women’s health issues.

Qiagen will conduct initial research using the CMM’s clinical samples. Based on results from this phase, the CMM may also provide laboratory-based genomics and proteomics services to assist the company in the development and validation of new molecular diagnostic tests.

Besides access to clinical samples, the CMM will also provide molecular analysis capabilities and XenoBase, a software and database system. This bioinformatics platform is capable of analyzing a wide range of molecular and conventional clinical data to help identify clinically actionable associations between diseases, biomarkers, and treatments.

“The speed and analytical depth of XenoBase coupled with the CMM’s access to clinical samples can give Qiagen a competitive advantage in the development of new molecular diagnostic tests, especially in the field of oncology,” according to Daniel H. Farkas, Ph.D., executive director of CMM.

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