Qiagen is also developing NGS technologies through a new partnership with SAP.

Qiagen acquired Intelligent Bio-Systems, a firm with which it is developing a next-generation benchtop sequencer. The acquisition is part of the firm’s initiative to enter the field of next-generation sequencing (NGS) that aims to establish these technologies as routine processes used in new areas such as clinical research and molecular diagnostics.

Qiagen says it is in the advanced stages of creating sample-to-result, efficient, and cost-effective NGS workflow solutions. These will combine a range of Qiagen products, including automated sample preparation solutions (nucleic acid extraction, DNA enrichment, library preparation, and targeted gene analysis panels), with the new benchtop sequencer. New bioinformatics, including solutions emerging from a new collaboration with SAP, will be incorporated into the workflows. A first sample-to-result NGS solution is expected to be launched next year, while details on specifications and launch plans are set to be released in early 2013.

“The rapid advances in next-generation sequencing have enabled life science researchers to unlock many secrets about the molecular building blocks of life. Our ambition is to create a new dimension of benefits for these technologies by offering workflow solutions for clinical use, particularly to develop new medicines and improve healthcare with advanced diagnostics,” says Peer M. Schatz, CEO. “While next-generation sequencing is viewed today mainly as a research tool, our initiative is to expand beyond this and to offer applications designed to address the needs of customers in clinical research and molecular diagnostics.”

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