Protea Biosciences signed an agreement to use Agilent instrumentation with Protea’s technology to develop workflows that focus on developing new methods for advancing metabolomics research.

“The field of biotherapeutics is advancing rapidly, and is in need of new, innovative solutions that identify changes in the ‘metabolic profiles’ of cells due to disease processes and drug interactions,” stated Greg Kilby, PhD., vp and COO at Protea. “To accelerate the pace of drug development, we need to know how a new drug interacts with the body as a whole, as completely and as early in the drug development process as possible. We believe new metabolomics workflows, including use of our LAESI mass spec imaging technology, will help address the challenges of the ballooning costs and widespread failures endemic to the drug development processes today.”

“To meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry, Agilent looks forward to working with Protea to develop mass spectrometry-based solutions across a wide range of biopharm applications, including innovative solutions for metabolomics,” added Tiffani Manolis, Agilent’s biopharm/pharm marketing manager.

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