Scienion will produce protein microarrays using its sciFlexArrayer.

Scienion will produce protein microarray batches for clinical validation of Protagen’s multiplex diagnostic biomarker panels for the early detection of multiple sclerosis and the differential diagnosis of prostate cancer. The batches, each with more than 3,500 single proteins, will be produced in sizes comprising more than 1,000 arrays through Scienion’s sciFlexArrayer technology.

Protagen’s leverages its UNIarray® technology for systematic identification of auto-antibody signatures in blood for the development of new In vitro diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Besides combining their technologies, Protagen and Scienion will jointly evaluate new platforms for multiplex analytics as well as co-develop new approaches up to proof-of-concept levels.

Last month Protagen reported it would use its UNIarray platform to help discover biomarkers in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis for Biogen Idec. In February Scienion said that its sciFlexArrayer printing platform would be used by immuno-biochemical assay manufacturer EuroImmun for R&D as well as production purposes of new multiplexed diagnostic products.

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