Ligand will be used in Halozyme’s agent that increases the absorption and dispersion of injected drugs.

Halozyme Therapeutics is employing ProMetic Life Sciences to supply a synthetic ligand affinity adsorbent. The agreement is for an initial five-year term with the opportunity for extension.

The synthetic ligand adsorbent to be provided under the supply arrangement is used by Halozyme in the manufacture of its FDA-approved rHuPH20 product, a recombinant version of human hyaluronidase enzyme. ProMetic’s synthetic ligand adsorbent has been used by Halozyme throughout the development of rHuPH20.

Hyaluronidase temporarily degrades hyaluronan, a space-filling, gel-like substance that is an important structural component of tissues throughout the body, such as skin and cartilage. The enzyme is used to facilitate the penetration and diffusion of drugs and fluids that are injected under the skin or in the muscle.

The product received FDA sanction in January 2006 for use as an adjuvant agent to increase the absorption and dispersion of other injected drugs.

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