Company will re-locate headquarters to Allendale, NJ, where initial install of freezer farm has been finished.

Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT) has completed with construction of the initial phase of its new cell-therapy development and manufacturing facility in Allendale, NJ. The aim is for it to accommodate increasing client demand for cleanroom and support space.

This first phase provides new headquarters for the company and for the initial install of a liquid nitrogen freezer farm with monitoring and control capabilities. Subsequent phases will bring the company’s processing, manufacturing, and development capabilities online over the remainder of the year.

The final 30,000 square foot site will provide clients with access to multiple cleanroom manufacturing suites, each with independent air-handling and laboratory systems, to support PCT’s existing and future clients. The firm expects projects to range from process/product development to clinical development, fill/finish operations, and commercial product manufacturing.

The company has also decided to combine its East Coast operations into the Allendale location once completed. “We are proud of the fact that as we simultaneously continue to upgrade and develop our facility in Mountain View, California, Progenitor Cell Therapy remains the only contract manufacturer in the United States with two facilities—one on either coast—capable of manufacturing cell-therapy products on a contract basis,” notes PCT’s CBO, George S. Goldberger.

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