Company will distribute entire line of Microfluidizer processors and firm’s reaction technology.

Powrex inked a deal with Microfluidics allowing the company to market, sell, and service Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and energy industries throughout Japan. The agreement also lets Powrex distribute Microfluidics’ reaction technology (MRT) in the country for bottom-up creation of nanoparticles and nanoencapsulation through continuous crystallization and chemical reactions.

The Microfluidizer high-pressure fluids processor reportedly delivers unparalleled cell-disruption rates and particle size reduction to nano-sized particles for dispersions, emulsions, liposomes, and deagglomerations. Microfluidizer processors are used in research and development laboratories as well as pilot and production manufacturing operations.

Microfluidics’ line of Microfluidizer fluid processors can be used for deagglomeration and dispersion of uniform submicron particles and creation of stable emulsions and dispersions. They processors overcome limitations of conventional processing technologies by utilizing high-pressure streams that collide at ultrahigh velocities in precisely defined microchannels, the company explains. Combined forces of shear and impact act upon products to create finer, more uniform dispersions, and emulsions than can be produced by any other means.

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