Company will offer the Fmoc/Bhoc protected PNA monomers.

PolyOrg will manufacture and distribute PNA monomers worldwide with the signing of a nonexclusive license agreement with the Copenhagen Inventor Group.

Initially, PolyOrg will be offering the Fmoc/Bhoc protected PNA monomers. These monomers are compatible with several commercially automated DNA/ peptide/ PNA synthesizers. “As with the other reagents that we sell, PolyOrg’s PNA monomers will be of the highest quality and at a considerably lower price to researchers all over the world,” according to Saroj Roy, Ph.D., president.

PNAs are oligonucleotide analogs in which the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA is substituted by amino-ethyl-glycine backbone. PNAs hybridize strongly and sequence-specifically to complementary DNA or RNA. They, however, are not degraded by nucleases or proteases. These properties of PNA have made them extremely attractive for applications in molecular biology, diagnostics, as well as in antisense and antigene therapies.


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