Yesterday, we posted the poll below asking GEN readers how they feel about Whole Foods Market’s recent decision to require its supplier partners to label products containing GMO ingredients by 2018. As of 9:40 AM EST this morning, out of 195 voters so far since 12 AM EST yesterday, 112 (57.4%) answered the question, “Is Whole Foods Market doing the right thing by requiring labeling of all its genetically modified food products?” with “Yes” and 83 (42.6%) answered “No.” The number of votes just keeps on climbing, which tells us YOU—yes, YOU, GEN reader!—have something important to say about the issue.

So, what DO you have to say? Do you agree with the results? Why not tell us by submitting a comment down below in the Readers’ Comments section? And, if you haven’t taken the poll yet, why not take it right now?

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