Move was made to aid manufacture of its candidate for the bone marrow transplant market worth $200 million.

Pluristem Life Systems says it is upgrading and enlarging its existing manufacturing facility to support $200 million in production capacity for PLX-1, a product for the bone marrow transplant market. The additional 6,900 sq. ft. will double in size the company’s facilities and is expected to be ready this summer. This facility will manufacture the candidate for Phase I trials and, later, large-scale commercial production.

Once complete, Pluristem’s initial annual production capacity for its PLX (placenta expanded) cells will be approximately 14,000 doses of PLX-1 per year with an estimated value of $200 million. Pluristem is spending about $500,000 to lease additional space adjacent to its current facilities, adding bioreactors, support equipment, and other infrastructure improvements.

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