Plants will be used to supply PLX-I for Phase I studies and is also capable of large-scale commercial production.

Pluristem Life Systems finished construction of its GMP facilities that will support the manufacturing of its PLX-I (PLacenta eXpanded) cells for Phase I trials. PLX-I will be used with cord blood as an alternative to bone marrow transplantation.

Additionally, these sites will be sufficient to enable large-scale commercial production of PLX cells, according to Zami Aberman, president and CEO.

“The completion of the construction of our GMP facilities is a major milestone in our strategy for controlling the entire commercialization process, from harvesting placental cells to the 3-D expansion processes of our PLX cells and product sales,” Aberman remarks. “This will provide us with the production capacity to support our upcoming clinical trails, our research activities, and pipeline of new clinical indications.”

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