Company gains exclusive, worldwide rights to antitumor bis-acridines, bis-ellipticines, and bis-carbazoles.

PhytoMedical Technologies licensed a group of intercalating agents from Dartmouth College for further testing and development as cancer drugs. The exclusive, worldwide agreement covers antitumor bis-acridines, bis-ellipticines, and bis-carbazoles developed by Gordon Gribble, Ph.D.

Under terms of the agreement, PhytoMedical will pay an undisclosed fee for rights to develop, market, and distribute the therapeutics. The firm also owes Dartmouth milestone payments.

The licensed compounds are reportedly designed to bind more tightly to cancer cell DNA than conventional cancer medications by a process called bis-intercalation, or double binding. Such binding stops the replication of the DNA, which prevents the growth of the cancer cell.

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