Firm provides automation and compliance of data analysis and reporting.

Phase Forward is paying $14 million for Waban Software. The transaction adds capabilities in data analysis and reporting to Phase Forward’s solutions for data capture and management.

Waban’s statistical computing environment and clinical data repository (SCE/CDR) solutions provide automation, traceability, and control of activities involved in the integration, analysis, and reporting on clinical trial data. Waban’s SCE/CDR solution also enables integration of data and metadata from multiple sources as well as aggregation and version control.

Additionally, customers will be able to use Waban’s platforms with traditional third-party analytical tools used by biostatistics groups. “We have witnessed growing demand from life sciences companies to streamline the link between the data management and biostatistics activities,” explains Bob Weiler, chairman and CEO, Phase Forward.

In addition to its statistical analysis and data repository offering, Waban provides specimen management systems (Waban SMS) and laboratory information management solutions (Waban LIMS) for biobanking, pharmacogenomics, and biomarker development.

Waban, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, and with operations in Mumbai, will become the Waban Software Group within Phase Forward.

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