DoD provides $1 million to develop Valortim.
The 2007 DoD appropriations law includes $1 million payable to PharmAthene to support ongoing development of Valortim™, an investigational fully human Mab being developed for the prevention and treatment of anthrax infection.

“Based on the available preclinical and clinical data, we believe that Valortim is ideally suited for the prevention and treatment of anthrax infection and is a strong candidate for procurement in the Strategic National Stockpile under Project BioShield,” explains David P. Wright, president and CEO of PharmAthene.

“Studies have demonstrated efficacy in animals in both pre and postexposure prophylaxis and treatment for anthrax infection, potentially enabling therapeutic intervention after the appearance of disease symptoms when antibiotic therapy is progressively less effective. In addition, we believe that its mechanism of action is distinct from other Mabs in advanced development for anthrax and appears to utilize a similar mechanism to the natural protective response to anthrax vaccine. Valortim has the potential to provide immediate protection compared to vaccines, which may take months to confer similar protection.”

Valortim was generated by Medarex’ UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System®.

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