Medivation could earn up to $550 million in milestones related to Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s indications.

Pfizer is paying $225 million for Medivation’s drug candidate for central nervous system disorders. Medivation is also eligible to receive up to $500 million upon the attainment of development and regulatory milestones plus additional undisclosed commercial milestone payments.

The compound, called Dimebon, is in a Phase III trial for Alzheimer’s disease and a Phase II study for Huntington’s disease. Pfizer and Medivation will share all U.S. development and commercialization expenses along with U.S. profits and losses on a 60 percent /40 percent basis, with Pfizer assuming the larger share of both expenses as well as profits and losses.

Pfizer will take on the responsibility of development, regulatory applications, and commercialization outside the U.S. Medivation will receive tiered royalties on commercial sales from these regions.

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