Pall will benefit in the biopharmaceutical, environmental, food, and water markets.

Pall has acquired GeneSystems, gaining the firm’s microbiological detection equipment and disposables. Pall anticipates that this technology will also expand its Total Fluid Management (TFM) capabilities in the $1 billion biopharmaceuticals process-monitoring market.

GeneSystems has so far leveraged its molecular diagnostics platform in the agro industry and in environmental applications. The acquisition thus allows Pall new opportunities in its environmental, food and beverage, as well as as water markets.

GeneSystems reports that its technology uses advanced sample-preparation methods and real-time PCR technology to enable fast and high throughput along with high reproducibility analysis of multiple DNA targets. Real-time PCR detects small quantities of specific microorganisms and provides results within hours.

“Customers seek better tools for rapid testing and process monitoring,” notes Eric Krasnoff, Pall chairman and CEO. “GeneSystems expands our ability to provide Total Fluid Management to meet customer’s raw materials, production, testing, and environmental requirements.”

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