Amylin will investigate technology for use with its peptide and protein treatments.

Pacira Pharmaceuticals entered into a collaboration with Amylin Pharmaceuticals for the development of sustained-release injectable products based on its DepoFoam® technology.

The companies will work together to enhance the dosing profile for compounds within Amylin’s early R&D pipeline. “Pacira’s DepoFoam technology is an attractive delivery system, and Amylin is excited to apply this technology to our peptide and protein therapeutics platform,” says Christopher Rhodes, Ph.D., executive director, pharmaceutical sciences of Amylin.

DepoFoam provides sustained-release delivery of medications. It consists of spherical, lipid-based particles that are composed of numerous nonconcentric internal aqueous chambers containing the encapsulated drug. Pacira currently has DepoFoam partnerships with EKR Therapeutics, Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Flynn Pharma, Mundipharma International Holdings Limited, and Orphan Australia.

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