Companies will generate fully human antibodies against OGeS-identified druggable targets using Amgen’s XenoMouse platform.

Oxford Genome Sciences (OGeS) and Amgen inked an agreement to discover, develop, and commercialize therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer. Through this collaboration, OGeS hopes to strengthen its pipeline of fully human therapeutic antibodies for cancer based on the target discovery capabilities of its Oxford Genome Anatomy Project (OGAP®) database.

The companies will generate the antibodies using Amgen’s XenoMouse® technology and raise them against the druggable targets that OGeS has identified through OGAP.

Up to six oncology programs are covered by this agreement. Amgen will have the right to select up to three programs, while OGeS will retain rights to the remainder. Once Amgen has produced the initial antibody leads, OGeS will carry out the initial preclinical assessment of each antibody program.

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