As part of collaboration, SomaLogic received an equity investment from Otsuka.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical will use SomaLogic’s aptamer technology to discover and develop diagnostic products and to design research tools that will enhance its pharmaceutical discovery and development efforts.

Under the terms of the agreement, SomaLogic will receive committed research funding and will be entitled to receive a royalty on any marketed products developed as a result of the collaboration. Otsuka also received an option to acquire distribution rights in Asia for certain SomaLogic clinical diagnostics products. In addition, SomaLogic received an equity investment from Otsuka.

SomaLogic reports that it  has generated aptamers that target over 500 human proteins. As part of this collaboration, Otsuka will have access to this resource for target validation, drug screening, and other assays to accelerate their development of new therapeutics. In addition, Otsuka will have access to SomaLogic’s multiplexed proteomic arrays to facilitate the discovery and monitoring of biomarkers in support of Otsuka’s clinical programs and therapeutic products.

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