Oncodesign entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) to discover, develop, and commercialize novel macrocyclic compounds. The agreement is based on Oncodesign’s platform of small macrocycles, Nanocyclix®, and will also engage the advanced oncology pharmacology models at Oncodesign for cancer applications, Predict®, Chi-mice® and Pharmimage®. The collaboration will potentially include multiple therapeutic areas and involve phenotypic cell-based approaches.

The goal is to generate novel Nanocyclix-based compounds for targets of interest to BMS. These small macrocycles are potent and selective and have favorable characteristics allowing knowledge-driven optimization beyond what is typically possible with conventional molecular designs, according to Oncodesign officials.

Oncodesign will be primarily responsible for hit to lead and lead optimization up to the candidate selection stage for oncology targets and potentially for certain non-oncology targets. BMS will be solely responsible for completing preclinical and clinical development of all products arising from the collaboration and for their commercialization globally.

Oncodesign will receive an upfront payment of $3 million and research, development and regulatory-based milestone payments of up to $80 million per target. In addition, Oncodesign is eligible to receive tiered royalties and sales-based milestones for each product resulting from the collaboration.

“This strategic collaboration…will allow us to fully exploit the potential of our technology platforms in both chemistry and biology. In addition to advancing our internal and already partnered programs, this new collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb may generate new treatment options for patients that have no solutions today,” said Philippe Genne, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Oncodesign.

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