Oncodesign is teaming up with Banook Central Imaging, which specializes in the centralized reading of medical images, with the goal of expanding the use of new approaches in pharmacoimaging. The partnership will aim to provide clinical researchers with new biomarkers and validated image analysis protocols, and the partners say they expect to share expertise, co-promote joint activities, and jointly engage in scientific collaboration to standardize image acquisition and analysis protocols in early clinical phases.

The partnership between Oncodesign and Banook Central Imaging, the firms say, will help to guide a compound from research laboratory to patient through the pursuit of greater consistency in the imaging protocols used during the development cycle. The first phase of this partnership will last three years. First results are expected by early 2014.

“As well as conducting preclinical proofs of concept, we have a long tradition of striving to provide our clients with tools for improving the characterization of their molecule’s therapeutic potential, to expedite clinical trials in humans,” said Philippe Genne, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Oncodesign, in a statement. “In the coming weeks, our partnership with Banook Central Imaging will help us to provide our clients with practical solutions, ensuring that the measure of efficacy of anticancer therapies is attainable from one phase of development to the next.”

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