Company gains rights to technology and IP and will support further testing.

OmegaGenesis and Mayo Clinic have decided to work together to discover and validate nanomaterials in angiogenesis applications. The deal includes licenses for Mayo Clinic technology and patents as well as a research collaboration.

The firm will leverage Mayo Clinic researchers’ work in which they produced a rare earth material in nano size and established nontoxicity of the material for human applications. Additionally, they have shown that the material induces endothelial cell growth and produces new blood vessels. 

OmegaGenesis has the exclusive rights to further test angiogenesis characteristics of the nano rods developed at Mayo Clinic. The company will support ongoing research projects in early-development stages at the Clinic, and the organizations will together conduct lab tests.

“Our goal is to supplement natural human body management and re-enable where some natural processes have stopped or diminished,” comments  Oostur Raza, president and CEO of OmegaGenesis.

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