NuGEN’s WT-Ovation™ Systems will be used for amplification, labeling, and target preparation.

NuGEN Technologies inked a co-research agreement with Roche Applied Science to develop a NimbleGen array application for small and compromised samples. NuGEN will use its WT-Ovation Systems for amplification and labeling,

The goal is to create an application that yields a robust, highly sensitive, and reproducible workflow for global gene-expression analysis. It will be designed to explore input sample capabilities.

WT-Ovation Systems are based on NuGEN’s SPIA technology—a method for linear isothermal amplification of nucleic acids. It reportedly overcomes the challenges of sample quality and quantity and enables analysis of limited and compromised biological samples.

“Use of smaller samples minimizes the averaging that takes place, enabling researchers to discover details of the tissue or cells of interest,” points out Doug Amorese, NuGEN vp for R&D. “Standardizing on NuGEN WT-Ovation Systems will give the NimbleGen array users a significant advantage over assays that require more sample input and yield less specific results. What’s more, it will streamline and accelerate the time from sample to discovery while delivering highly accurate, specific, and reproducible results.”

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